• Conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and production (Upstream)
  • Reception, Refining, Storage and Distribution (Midstream)
  • Blending and Manufacturing (Downstream)
  • Oil field optimisation
  • Emergency Response preparedness (Training and Assessment)

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Our Services

Our Simulation Product

North Star Technical Consulting Limited

draws upon a wealth of industry experience to provide a range of both technical and emergency response expertise to add value to our clients' varied operations worldwide.


Consulting expertise for new projects.

We help companies involved in several subsectors of the oil and gas and chemicals industries, including:

Control system user interface and operability advice.

Technical & ER training and competency assessment.

Support software development for training and optimisation. 

Specialists in ER control system simulation.

Emergency response training and readiness is key to safe and reliable operations. It is both difficult and costly to set up in real world situations. Our software allows your personnel to be coached and assessed in the complete safety of the virtual environment and at a fraction of the traditional budget overhead.


Emsim Mercury is our own simulator software designed to replicate your control system.

We specialise in the development and supply of control system simulators for use in Emergency Response training at all levels. With these tools, you can run complex scenarios using graphics, alarms, shutdown systems and procedures unique to your own operational sites.


Such a degree of customisation allows for your trainees to become instantly immersed in any course, being comfortable with what they are seeing and recognising the environment as their own. This allows for far more effective training to be delivered, and is flexible enough to be run at any location.



Registered in the United Kingdom, company number:  8977215